In this era of mass-tourism we believe in taking the road less-travelled. We find it easy to avoid cliches and rewarding to choose backroads, meet up with locals, and explore one of the many gorgeous Golden Age villages that don't feature on the tourist routes. We can take you to working, original windmills that thankfully are neglected by the tourism industry, and in general we'll do the non-touristy tourist things.

Makes our experiences your experiences.

Private Day Tours / Private Windmill Tours

If you'd like a private tour for you and your family, please drop us a line to discuss. Our specialty is in Windmill & Countryside Tours in the countryside just outside of Amsterdam. Our curated itinerary is a 6-hour tour that takes in scenic backroads, a gorgeous Dutch town (unspoiled by tourism), a Dutch farm and a tour of an off-the-beaten-track windmill. From here, we can tailor it to your needs and consider extra touches (for instance, a rural boat ride) or little detours.

We generally avoid what might be called "Cheese & Clog Places" - tourist traps. However, some people want to see these regardless, and we're happy to include if it's something that appeals and you realise that they're not exactly authentic.

We're happy to go further afield too. Giethoorn and Delft are two popular places we know quite well. We'll let you know just how much local knowledge we have of any given place so that you can decide how much value we add.

Your Guide

Rory, of Netherlands Culture Tours, at a working windmill from the 1600s.

Rory, of Netherlands Culture Tours, at a working windmill from the 1600s.


I'm Rory, and I'm the owner-operator of Netherlands Culture Tours. What you'll get from me as your guide is absolute professionalism and timeliness in all our communications pre-tour.

And once we're on the road you'll find me to be informed, good-natured, and - being Irish - a decent story-teller.

The pace will always be relaxed. My only concern is that for the duration of the tour that you find yourself absorbed and engaged in this wonderful country.

I have a small arsenal of backroads routes, and am also happy to devise tours around some well-known touchstones like Delft & The Hague.


Amsterdam Friends

Culture Games Amsterdam

How Dutch can you become? This is the question that Culture Games Amsterdam asks. It's a two-hour experience where you'll first get a new Dutch identity and costume, and then play 4-6 games and cultural challenges that will show you just how netherlandish you are. Oh, and there might also be Dutch music and snacks. to get in touch with your inner Dutchy.

CGA Selfie Lo Rez.jpg

women's Walking Tour

Our friend Elyzabeth, of Badass Tours, has launched a walking tour of Amsterdam centered on women's lives. The Badass Women of Amsterdam Walking Tour shows you Amsterdam's rich history through the little-told stories of the feisty, clever, and defiant women who helped shape this historic city. You can book directly with Elyzabeth via


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New born lambs!

New born lambs!

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Smoked mackerel, anyone?